[Resolved] Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch, DNS spoof error

Hello everyone,

I am stuck at DNS spoofing at the above mentioned course. My problem is, that my code only works partially. When I ping the bing website (www.bing.com), the response contains the spoofed ip, but when I write the bing url into the browser, it says that the server is unreachable. Every other website works.

The apache server is running and if i write the kali ip address directly into the browser, the content shows just fine.

The result is the same if I try it from a windows machine on the virtual network.
For spoofing the kali machine I used INPUT and OUTPUT chain for the iptable, for the windows machine I used FORWARD and also arp spoofing.

Here is the result in the browser:

Do you have any suggestions?

The course is great so far by the way :slight_smile:


So the problem was, that bing.com isn’t using http anymore, but https. If I redirect from a website which still uses http, then everything works fine.