RTL8812BU -driver security concern

Hello everyone ,
My name is Mihai and i started a month ago to learn from these courses .I am glad to be here and excited to start this journey in cybersecurity field. In this moment i have finished The complete cyber security course first volume.
I started to learn from this course( Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch) too and i have a question regarding build a driver from github. To have a whole picture , i will describe here the situation . I bought a usb wifi adapter with rtl8812BU chipset which i planned to use with a kali machine , but i don’t have the driver for host machine for this adapter by default installed ( Host machine is Debian 10) . My question is : Might be a security issue when i want to build some driver from github? In this moment i`m not that advanced in order to do an analysis to the code that deep to be sure.
Thank you all for your answers .
P.S : if this problem had an answer already in someone else topic , sorry for this.

I hope you mean the RealTek RTL8812AU chipset. I don’t know if RTL8812BU would work. If you meant to type RealTek RTL8812AU, then I would recommend watching this video: https://youtu.be/zZG65GkWGdU?t=74 by zSecurity and also by the same person who teaches The Complete Cyber Security Course.

Hello Danny ,
Thank you for your answer. Yes , i tried and i saw that . The seller( one from Aliexpress) which sold me the adapter made a mistake and send me another version , even i said i need this chipset. (RTL8812AU) and even if on the description of product said clearly Chipset: RTL8812AU. But now , i will buy this adapter from Zsecurity and there they told me they will verify the adapter before send to me .
P.S: RTL8812BU work only in monitor mode function . The other one (Packet Injection) is not suported.
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