Running programs on startup

Hi, please after successfully installing my reverse_backdoor.exe program on the target machine in the registry editor directory, I and also receive successful connection message on kali when running the program. I get stucked when trying to execute windows commands on kali. please I need help to fix this

Can you share screenshot of what command you are running and what error you are getting?

that’s the command i was trying and i get stucked.

And this is the error i am getting from the target computer

i have tried converting but it’s still returning same error

If you see line 23 in your code, json_data is concatenated with received connection packets data. One of them is str, and the other one is bytes, and that’s why you are getting the error. You can typecast them with str(variablename) to convert to str.

Also do keep in mind, if you really want to learn these things, you should learn Python also, as it will be very easy to understand the code and what is happening at every step.

thank you i really appreciate