Scapy Arp Request (None)

While building the Network Scanner Algorithm I am getting (None) returned for most of the ARP Fields. Should I keep moving forward or is there something I am missing that I should resolve now before continuing?


Just wanted to reply to let you know I received the same output as you and so far I haven’t had any issues carrying on with the reset of the algorithm. Well, once I had sorted out the huge scapy problem of course :frowning:

Yea I’ve been having issues from the beginning. After combing through the threads I found reference to Zaids custom Kali and downloaded that. I’ve been working through the course with it and no problems at all. Also the Kali more closely resembles the Kali from the course material.

The link is below if you want to take a look.

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Hey thanks man. I will do. I keep getting errors referring to unresolved references and have to go scrambling for the fix. Usually a missing package, etc. I am going to try that version of Kali instead :slight_smile: