Scapy Network Scanner not Working

I’m in the " Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch" course and I’m at the video called " Sending & Receiving Packets" Below is pictures of what my code looks like as well as the results from it compared to Zaid’s results.

and this is my result

and this is what I’m supposed to have

Is the IP you using in the same network as yours? If yes then I am not sure why the code didn’t result anything. Maybe try using some other IP in your network.

i get it did you get your network ip or did u just copy the ip from the video that you were watching? in that case you should run “route -n” and it will show you at the gateaway your network ip and put the ip in the scan function along with the /24 to scan from 0-254 if that doesnt work then ping me