Section 8 my mac is

i try to experiments in section 8 hacking wpa wpa2, so when i use the command WHASH --INTERFACE WLAN0 and my MAC is locked, so i dont know how to UNLOCK to do experiments… can you help me please :slight_smile: thanks

Hi @unjam, which course are you talking about? I saw all 4 volumes of The Complete Cyber Security course and didn’t find any hacking wpa in Section 8

hello, Ethical hacker

Ok, so it is the Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch and not The Complete Cyber Security Course. You had put this question in the wrong category, that’s why I couldn’t find it. But nevermind, Can you post the screenshot of your terminal of what are you getting when you type the wash command?

ok thanks man
take a look!

do you see may mac telenet-2be71 = LCK is locked(how to unlock so i can i do experiments)?

The Lck Yes means that your router has WPS locked. You can try switching it off and on again in the WPS settings from your router admin page.

so i have to admin in page of my router,
but i have one problem i dont know , how to login in my router webpage,
i mean i dont know where to get info… about my admin page?

On your host : windows key/ type : cmd/ command prompt/ then type ipconfig/ then you see something like this.gateway
The default gateway is your router.
Type that ip in your browser.

a side note:
You need some Basic IT Skills to follow the course.
My advice for you is to start with the CompTia courses. (start with fudamentals)

hello Man, sorry for my late answer!
thanks :slight_smile:

do Basic IT Skills have the value? i live in belgium
so when i search for job what do you think they recognize my those course diploma?

CompTia is internationally recognized. With CompTia you can map out a path. You can really go from the basic to advanced.

Check this link:

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thank you man, i dont have so much time but anyway, i will try to study…, have a nice day.