free replacement resource request

Hi, I tried to go to, but it is no longer a free resource. I am wondering if anyone knows of some other free resources to replace it? This is from Section 7 for auto patching.

Thank you.

I believe this might be a possible replacement for Secunia. I just found it and have not installed it or tried it out. It has 3 versions, one is free, one is a free trial and then $20 at the time of this post, and the 3rd one is $30/at time of post. It says it not only cleans your files for security, but it also updates your software (at 3rd tier pricing), which I believe is the same thing as patching, right?

I found this through YTuber, TechLore, who helps advise on personal cybersecurity and privacy.

One negative to this software is that it is close-sourced.

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