Security Onion VM installation issue

Hi Jesse,
When I started the installation of security onion VM, I got to a point when I saw a message that I don’t have enough space to install security onion, and that I have to have at least 99 GB to proceed. Although I had ~122 GB available on my default drive, I decided to try another hard drive which has ~3TB of space. So I specifically moved both the iso image and the vdi file to that second hard drive. I also changed the Default Machine Folder (in General VirtualBox settings) to be the location where the vdi file is. Nevertheless, I keep getting not enough space message. How to make it work?

(the iso image path is also on that disk)
Oh, after I change the settings from the above images and click on start, the first thing I see is this window asking me to choose a virtual optic disk file again. I don’t understand why. This image:
Although the picture shows a VBoxGuestAdditions there, I change it for the securityonion.iso again.

I need to see all the steps you are following for installing the Security onion with screenshots. It is hard to determine what is wrong with just what you told me. If I try importing Security Onion, I don’t have any issue

they didn’t let me upload more than 2 screenshots for the first time. But I followed Jesse’s video for all other steps. Did you also try to import it from a secondary hard drive?

Like my VirtualBox is installed on a primary hard drive, but I want to run the security onion from a secondary, do I make sense? What should be the difference in steps between the Jesse’s video, where he imports the security onion onto the primary hard drive where the VirtualBox resides, and my situation?

I always use VMWare and I didn’t have any issues with that. From what I can see from your videos is that you might need to attach the security onion iso under SATA Controller in Virtual Box settings but I am not sure.

Did you use VMWare with security onion specifically? Did you also install the VM from a secondary hard drive? Because otherwise I can also say that my VirtualBox doesn’t cause me any problems…

It doesn’t matter where you import it from. The only thing that should matter is where it is importing to. If that location has enough storage then there should be no problem. The place where it is importing to can be anything either on your system or anything external