Sending apk file for android hacking [solved]

if victim stop playing game or any application but once he execute can we access or it is compulsory the app is running at that time to hack

No you’ll maintain you access after even if the user leaves the app, but you’ll loose the connection if they fully quit it from the task manager.

Checkout the following post on how to maintain your access to the phone

how can we maintain access the apk file which we created by using fatrat because i want to do this using fatrat but i enable to do this

You can follow the same method with the fatrat, just skip the part where they create the backdoor.

Or you can use the fatrat backdoor to gain the initial access and use the backdoor shown to maintain your access. <-- this is a better option as the backdoor shown in the link is simpler so its better to inject it as a service.

the link you send in which he named apk abcd but when he download and install in android the app show as main activity but in our case apk is flappybird which show in android as a flapybird how can we alter the code acccroding to our apk please send me a example after altering .sh extension code according to our app

You’ll have to replace the package name with com.metasploit.stage and use whatever you see when the app is running instead of .MainActivity, this will vary depending on the app you’re backdooring, but see if you do this with the app you’re backdooring then the app will automatically start to the user, so it will by suspicious, its much better to create a simple backdoor as shown in the post and use that to maintain your access, so use the backdoor to get the initial access then use this simple backdoor to maintain your access.

What I’m saying is you first gain your access using the fatrat backdoor as shown in this course.

Then you keep that running, you open a new terminal, you make a new simple backdoor as shown in this post I gave you, you upload this simple backdoor to the target using the fatrat backdoor, and install it as a service, this way the backdoor will run everytime the phone reboots, and the user will NOT see flappy bird everytime the boot their phone, if you install flappy bird as a service, it will be executed everytime the phone starts.

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