Shodan API Key Failing to Activate

Hi Guys,

I’ve installed Kali Linux in a VirtualBox environment and I’m having issues activating my Shodan API key, it simply refuses to activate.

I have the latest version of VirtualBox, Kali Linux and Shodan and Python installed.

Please see the below screenshot for the format I used.

Shodan API Key Not Activating

Any ideas, guys?


so you don’t get the initialized message?

Offhand, if it hangs without throwing an error then it could be waiting for a remote response. Make sure it’s configured with the right address and that the machine can get to the Internet (e.g. if it can ping “”).

Hi Edwin,

Sadly not, it just hangs on the command line.


Hi Jared,

Sure, it can reach out to the 'net ok, although I had to specify it to use IPv4 when pinging

Is there a specific configuration in terms of the address?


Maybe you can also try it with ParrotOS?

And from what I can see you are not using the Kali version from Zsecurity.

Thanks Edwin.

Indeed, I’m using Offensive Security’s Kali Linux. I thought that was perfectly fine.

I’ll try another flavour!


if you get it working you should definitely check this.

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