Hello everyone! I am new to this course, (haven’t been in school in almost 10 years) Hacker is my real name, yes i know its cool, lol. So my question is, where is shodan pulling this information?

Shodan is like google. It crawls the web all the time but instead of just http and https like google it crawls all ports.

And welcome! :slight_smile:

Ok. It just clicked when you said that. I guess I can understand how that router login page showed up. but all the other harware, wheres it pulilng that data from?

Also, I noticed my router was set up as a DMZ and my wifi printer had an open port straight out. but when i searched my I.P. address on, nothing came about. Thank you for answering my questions. Love your course so far.

Actually, I have some information which is you will do one thing just notice that in today’s date most of the people interested to use a printer and that will be fine for all. So for that, I have error code oxc4eb827f, just browse and get more help. I share this for your help.