Shodan problem

I tried your https://www.shodan…etc ending with Host(ip address) but whenever I run this I get a 404 error, ‘website’ not found. I have done this against my home ip address (router), I have a basic Shodan account and have tried with and without being logged in from different locations but result is always the 404 error, in all other ways Shodan works fine, any suggestions please.

My ip address is definately correct as I have a webcam with port forwarding so am able to login to the same ip and view my camera.


Here is an example of one working

It believe it just means that those IPs have not been scanned yet by Shodan. Just use the scanners or vulnerability scanners I show in later videos.

Hope that helps.

Wow, that was a quick reply, thanks. Yep that makes sense as your demo in the course works fine, not a problem, good to try these things.

Thanks and regards