Shodan question

Do any of you guys use Shodan? I just want to know if it is something worth learning to be a good Bug Hunter? I’ve researched a lot about it and it seems very useful, so I really just wanted some of you guys personal opinions about it.

Thank you

since yesterday i became a member. Because then I get more search results and no longer have any restrictions with my scripts lol. The only question you have to ask is why I joined lol. It’s a fantastic search engine. I use a lot.

Okay okay thank you, so do you think it would be useful for pen testing or is it just a good search engine?

hacking :shushing_face: or pentesting doesn’t matter. it’s great for all things in cybersecurity.

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Search on Google for bluekeep.
Then go to shodan and search for windows 7 or windows xp.
If rdp is open (port 3389)
Check the cve you get and compare it with the bluekeep cve.
Now you see the real strength of shodan.
This is just an simple example.
When you start using filters then it’s really awesome.

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Good looks bro thank you!

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Thank you bro, respect :fist:t4:

Shodan is the best search engine for vulnerable services. They used to offer $1 subscription on Black Friday and I got that 3 years back. It’s really good when you have a subscription to it. You get more results and can use filters too. I use it on a daily basis for my current work.

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