SOC Analyst question

Career question: if someone wants to be a Soc analyst, what specifically should they need to learn to get a foot in the door?


Maybe this is something.
But I don’t know how far you are with your knowledge. Because maybe it’s a better idea to do Security+ first. Cisco also has a number of certificates that are in high demand.

And I just had a heart attack at the cost lol.

Only the exam costs a little money.
For CySa+ you need the video training courses that are here on the platform + a book and a lot of test questions. Jason Dion’s practice tests are awesome prep for the exam. the official study material is expensive that’s right. But you really don’t need that to succeed.
put them in your wish list and buy them when they are on sale.

But just start with the videotraining here :slight_smile:

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