Social Eng Course: Veil and Public IP LHOST

Zaid (or anyone who knows the answer),

In the coursework we are, of course, practicing on a virtual network where attacker and target are on the same subnet. Determining the LHOST ip address is easy in this case; it’s private on a private network. However, in the real world we are separated by the internet. So if we were using Veil (or any comparable program) for creating a program to call home, what ip address would we need to give it so that it could reach us? My computer has a private ip address like every machine in the office, and our router has the only public ip address that we must all share. And I assume that NAT is not adjusting the ip address in the payload.

Forgive me, but I am new to much of this.

Thank you,

You have to setup port forwarding on your router specifying your private IP + port so that whenever a connection comes from the outside to the router, the router will handle it and send it to you on your specified port. On the LHOST, you will put your router’s address.