[Solved] All Windows OS has backdoors. Is it true?

Windows OS Backdoors

I cover this is course Volume 4. It depends what you mean by backdoor. Is there a blatant remote access backdoor. Probably not. But are there ways Microsoft if they choose to can, for example bypass bitlocker encryption. Yes there is.

Yeah, I was talking about remote access backdoor. What if they put a backdoor in OS to monitor/access/download my files anytime through the Internet. They might search my whole computer and access my confidential information.

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If they were so motivated. They might be motivated by a court order or intelligent agency. There is some history of cooperation with the NSA.

MS send updates all the time. Any update can create a backdoor.

The bottom line is that if you think MS might be a bad actor in your situation then you shouldn’t be using them. You should be on Linux and a security focused operating system.