[Solved] Antivirus/malware/browser combo?

Thanks for taking time to create this course ! I want to get started now, and want to make sure my PC running Win 8.1 is ready for the course, and to stay safe. Have few questions :

  1. What anti-virus firewall suite do you recommend ?
  2. For malware - is malware bytes ok to use ?
  3. What is or are your suggested Web browsers?(to stay safe and not be be tracted when I go shopping online)

Thanks !

Hi, I would like to answer your questions fully but it’s just not possible. Whole sections of my courses cover the many variables to these questions. AV is covered in vol 4 (not yet available.) Firewalls and browsers vol 2.

To give you general advice.

  1. I don’t recommend any

  2. It’s one of the better ones and has a firewall.

  3. Firefox is good for a base to start locking down for privacy but is a little weaker on security vs chrome. Chrome is better for security due to better sandbox but weaker on privacy due to googles business model. Covered in vol 2.

Use a virtual machine and make changes to this not your host os for testing.

Start the course and it will start to answer questions. Hope that helps.