[Solved] Computer recommendation

Is there a computer you recommend? Thanks

Do you mean a desktop or laptop? It would depend on what you want from it. What are your needs and priorities?

My main laptop is a Mac book pro. My other devices are mostly a Debian mix.

What ever machine is appropriate to fit your course or other advanced courses you offer. I prefer laptops for mobility. I’m in the market so your advice is appreciated. Thanks much

There is no single answer to this which is an early lesson to learn from the coursr. Security, privacy, anonymity, performance, OS preference etc. These are all based on your individual needs. Hardware is less of a concern for security, privacy, anonymity unless you are concerned about interdiction and hardware backdoors.

If you want to go hardcore security, privacy, anonymity Librem 13. With Qubues.

Otherwise A Mac Book Pro

Or any powerful laptops that supports Debian.

Thanks for your help