[Solved] DD-WRT or Pfsense

m currently debating which one to go with for my home network, I understand that pfsense is good and has a lot more firewall options as oppose to DD-WRT, my home network consists of 3 desktop PC’s, 1 laptop, a smart tv and a smart phone, would it be worth implementing a pfsense firewall on a small home network?

pc engines seems to have distributors in other countries and I checked out the one in my country and the price range is significantly much higher than the US prices, 500-800$ to be exact, however I did find a supplier that is selling them for 300$. I am looking to isolate the smart tv from the rest of the network and my wifi also.

My current fiber router isn’t compatible with custom firmware either, so if I went with DD-WRT, I’d have to get a compatible router either way and I did my homework and it seems a compatible router to flash DD-WRT on isn’t dirt cheap either haha.

Which one would anyone recommend to use for my setup?

Yep thats tricky! There is a cost to getting the hardware if you dont have a spare old PC lying about. . PFsense has much more security functionality than DD-WRT. I’ve never tried using pfsense to connect to an ISP directly though. There has always been a router/modem to that. But it can be done apparently.

Depending on the type of Internet connection you have, here is an example with ADSL.


Check out–> http://pfsensesetup.com/

I’d go with pfsense. You will be able to find cheaper PCs that can support pfsense especially if you don’t mind it not being a mini pc.

I’ve got a older PC around here, It’s got about 3-4GB of DDR3, dual or quad core CPU, should be good enough to run Pfsense then, I can connect that PC through my router and run Pfsense on that then. I have fiber internet, I get about 10-12MB/s down and around 6 MB/s up. I will read into the links you’ve just provided, thanks a lot Nathan!

im stuck with ISP routers and cant seem to install custom firmware, so im going to setup pfsense too. I imagine it would be a good way to reuse an unused laptop thats sitting around gathering dust, if you dont want noisy desktop humming away all the time. I checked the requirements and they appear to need very low specs that even quite old laptops would support:


CPU 600 MHz or faster
RAM 512 MB or more
4 GB or larger disk drive (SSD, HDD, etc)
One or more compatible network interface cards
Bootable USB drive or CD/DVD-ROM for initial installation