[Solved] Dual Booting with Linux and Windows 10

I’m currently a Windows 10 user, and am taking this class simply because I enjoy learning. You mention many times that Win10 is not a highly secure operating system, and you recommend using other OS’s. How secure would it be to have a dual-boot configuration with a Linux distro alongside Windows 10? Are there disadvantages to having these operating systems on the same physical drive?

First lets clear up what I said about Windows 10. What I said is that Windows 10 is not good for privacy. Windows 10 on security is still an unknown as it is relatively new. We don’t know how buggy it will turn out to be. But it does have good security features.

The disadvantage of your solution is that a threat on one operating system may be able to propagate to the other system. For example a threat on Windows 10 may be able to view the file system of your Linux partition and encrypt the files for randsomware. Or format the partition etc.

Really the answer to your question related to what threats you are hoping to mitigate by using dual boot? A security control is chosen (i.e. dual boot to Linux) based on the threats you are trying to mitigate.

Sorry, that was a poor choice of words on my part. I guess what I am really trying to understand is whether or not having a dual-boot configuration would mitigate the privacy concerns that come with Windows 10? As in: would I gain more privacy having a dual boot configuration, using Linux when I want that privacy, or to use a Linux virtual machine on top of Windows 10?

If you use Linux as your main environment and Windows 10 for some specific applications then yes its a reasonable mitigation. A Linux guest VM would work well too. But using a VM as your main working environment might not be great for speed.

Really what you want is Linux as the host and Windows 10 as the guest.

The issue is that in Windows 10 most of what you do has a potential privacy concern to it. So even creating a document in Windows 10 MS can receive data about it because of the other services running in windows 10 like Cortana.

Its a bit of a nightmare. The sad truth is that ultimately if you care about privacy Windows 10 has to be replaced eventually. If not today then later.