[Solved] How can we secure a Vista or XP?

Can you give us some help for the best way to secure a XP or Vista PC ?

Are on XP or Vista the same firewall like in Windows 7/8/ ?

If not what can we do all to secure it against hacker and maleware to make it secure?

Volume 2 of the courses covers network security. You are talking here about operating system security. Volume 1 covers security of the operating system. The exact same methods described in that volume 1 apply to XP and Vista. One negative for XP is the lack of security updates. Vista also running out of support.

Thank you for your responses. Yeah I know about the lack of security updates for XP and Vista. But I need therefore an best solution for securing this operating systems.

Alright I will buy your Volume one to get information about that.

But can you give me in advance an overview what to do to secure XP and Vista in your opinion?

The real answer depends on the threats you are mitigating which you will understand as you do the course. But a good starter is automated patching, reducing privilege of the main user account, stopping risky behaviors of the user, using isolation and compartmentalization, sandboxes, securing the browser (volume 3) and so on.

You mentioned apps that need these OSs. You could consider using a more supported OS as a host machine and running XP/VISTA in a virtual machine just for the applications. Or run a zen server with the XP/VISTA VMs and make the application you want available over the network.

Alright, thanks for that… will check your courses and hope to find this points you listed.

One thing. What do you mean with “automated patching” ?

WSUS servers


Choco - https://chocolatey.org/

PSI - http://www.flexerasoftware.com/enterprise/products/software-vulnerability-management/personal-software-inspector/

Great thank you… but XP and vista dont gets patches… so any need for that?

You need to patch everything. Not just the OS. So yes.