[Solved] How do i execute the procedure shown in the mac os video

Where guy sees what exactly is happening as he do the search with spotlight.

This is done with a tool called Mitproxy. https://mitmproxy.org/

Use brew to install it as per guided here;

Mac Computer Installation:

The best way to get set up for your Mac computer is through using your Terminal application. We will need to install a few tools to get set up. If you have not ever coded before, you will likely need to download all of them. You will need Xcode, Command Line Tools, Homebrew, Python and Pip. If you have all of these skip below. If you’re feeling a bit lazy, and know how to use Terminal a little bit, skip down to “Other set up option.” Otherwise you can install Xcode and Command Line Tools by using this link.

Then you can install Homebrew by using this link or open your Terminal application and type:

ruby -e “$(curl -fsSkL raw.github.com/mxcl/homebrew/go)”

And then hit enter. This goes onto the internet and downloads Homebrew for you using a language called Ruby.

Then you can install Python using this link. By downloading the latest version of Python (get either the one that starts with 3.something or 2.something) this should also get you pip. If you already have Python installed make sure to update it. Skip downloading Pip, but come back and do the below step if the installation of Mitmproxy does not work.

To download pip use this link or in Terminal type:

python get-pip.py

And then hit enter.

Finally you can download Mitmproxy by going to your Terminal application and typing:

pip install mitmproxy

And then hit enter. Note the lowercase “m.” Know that capital letters matter in coding so do not type any capitals in the above command.

To check to make sure it worked, now type into Terminal,

mitmproxy --host