[Solved] How to cut back on referers?

Hello Nathan,

Based on lecture 50, I was curious how the almighty google tracked and referred me. I setup Burp as a proxy on my Kali system and then went to login to my Gmail account. I counted (anyway to have this count done automatically?) over 160 referers. Many were owned by Google, and many were not.

As you can use things like Outlook to connect to Gmail, would that mitigate tracking? How would one verify this? A Wireshark capture? Given Burp is a great tool for websites.

Inquiring minds :slight_smile:

Yes an email an client such as Outlook removes the tracking somewhat for vs using gmail/webmail. I actually recommend Thunderbird though. But still you get tracking via HTML emails. So you have to set the the mail client to not load remote content to stop it. I cover this whole topic of email security/privacy in Volume 4 and how to mitigate it.

For web based tracking. You wont need wireshark. Burp is fine as they only track via HTTP (and IP address) so burp shows that.

For tracking mitigation see the browser and tracking prevention section later in the course. We dig into the details of how to stop it while browsing .

Have you heard what is going on with Thunderbird? I saw a flurry of articles saying it was going to die off. Or tossed out to Libre office. I like it and would hate to see it Seeing as the Mozilla foundation left it for dead in 2012.

I hope that it will get more attention when it is released by Mozilla. The options for mail clients isn’t great at the moment!