[Solved] Is VPN a good value

After listening to your presentation on VPNs, I’m doubtful that they are good value for the dollar (or pound). Of course I realize it depends on a person’s needs. If your doing stuff that illegal or sort of illegal, then yes. If you spend a lot of time on insecure networks at Starbucks or McDonald then okay. Or if you’re an independent contractor and you connect to the internet over the phone lines to do business, then yes there to.

But I do none of those two things. I’m not downloading pirated videos or games, nor am I on an insecure network. I’m home mostly. My biggest concern is simply identity theft over the internet. And from what you said, my impression is that a VPN would not do much to help me with preventing identity theft

Basically, I’m just a newly retired guy who buys a lot of stuff on the internet and who reads a lot of stuff on the internet. As long as I buy from places with https and I use strong passwords and I think before I click, I feel a VPN will add little to my security.

I was just wonder if you would agree with that.

What you have done there is exactly what you are supposed to do and that even security pros don’t do! You considered the threats and evaluated if the security controls you are considering helps to mitigate those threat. Brilliant thats exactly what you should be doing.

A couple of other things you might care about. Security - It makes MiTM attacks harder but thats a low risk. Privacy - It stops your ISP/Government from knowing what you are doing. You might care about those too.

But yes you are correct if those threats are not applicable then a VPN has little benefit to you. Identify theft is covered in Volume 1, many of the controls are changes to your own behavior, and no VPNs are not mentioned as a help.