[Solved] Issue with chrome?

why don’t you recommend using it?

Technically chrome with its sandboxing and patching speed is a safer choice for security but I recommend Firefox. Google who develop Chrome have a business model that is reliant on tracking users for the purposes of advertisement. It is not in Googles best interest to restrict its own business model. So there is a conflict of interest between how they do business and privacy. Mozilla the guys behind firefox have no such business model and need for tracking. So I recommend Firefox specifically configured and with security extensions added for security privacy and anonymity.

For pure security. Chrome is stronger really.

It makes sense that it is tied to the business model (similar to your insights on operating systems). I just wasn’t sure if the recommendation against chrome was due to vulnerabilities.

No Chrome is pretty solid. Google generally take security extremely seriously and have top security people including friends of mine. Their just not hot on your privacy given they are the biggest tracker of people in human history.