[SOLVED] Kali Linux access blocked by Heimdal - a question for Zaid

My question has been satisfactorily answered by an external source and I no longer require any answer. Thank you. X

RE: The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Vol. 1, Lecture 10

First of all thank you Zaid for your excellent Course which I am enjoying very much. My question is regarding Kali Linux trying to access some websites which are being blocked by Heimdal Pro Security.


If the above image doesn’t show, the websites that Kali is trying to access and that are blocked are:

_http._tcp.ftp.hands.com and

If I click “unblock” on Heimdal, I receive the following warning: “Unblocking this page expose you to malware infections that can damage or destroy your data and PC.”

This is kind of scary to me even though I am running Kali Linux as VM.

My question is: are these websites necessary for Kali to access and can I unblock safely or not?

Note: that it is only Heimdal that gives me this warning. Norton and Malwarebytes have not issued any warnings.

Thank you.