[Solved] Password lenght and bit encryption

I was trying to figure out how do you know how many characters shoud have a password to be able to be certain bits. I tried diving the numbers and keep getting 5.95 hehehe but whats the math here?

If the password has upper case (26), lower case (26) and numbers (10). Then you’ve got a total of 26 × 2 + 10 = 62 possible values per character. That’s close to 64, so you have just under 6 bits of entropy per character.

Therefore, you need about (256 / 6) = 43 characters in the password to contain about 256 bits of randomness.

Lower case = 26
Upper case = 26
Numbers = 10
Symbols = 33


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for a second I thought my question was silly !

Not at all its a complex question that most people wouldn’t get right on an exam! :slight_smile: