[Solved] Problems Debian & Lenovo Z51 Wifi issue

Hi Nathan I am having problems using Debian on my Lenovo Z51. It all installs fine but the wifi card won’t work. Seems something to do with backported drivers. I am stuck at the moment. Just wondered if you had any ideas. I installed using nonfree drivers iso download. I just can’t seem to get it to work.

Welcome to the joys of Linux.

If you have an eye on a laptop and it’s not available with Linux or certified as compatible (like the Ubuntu cert), you may want to do a Google search for the name of the laptop and “Linux” or “Debian.” See what other Linux users have to say about their experience with Linux on that hardware. Even before you buy.

Some arnt compatible!

Did you look at?


Your solution is specific to your hardware I’m afraid.


I think I will go for Ubuntu 14.4LTS (Due to the AMD driver issue). I will disable the Amazon privacy issue. Is there anything more to be concerned about with regards to Ubuntu. You seem very anti Ubuntu within your lessons. It is open source right? Does canonical release full source for peer review?. Could it have backdoors in closed source areas. I have researched online but I am finding conflicting information.

Ubuntu is a good option for compatibility there is no doubt about that. Its a better option than Windows if privacy and security is a concern. I am a bit hard on Ubuntu but thats because this is a security/privacy focused course. I do recommend Ubuntu as a first move to Linux and to get difficult hardware to simply work!!!

They could both be backdoored but the chances are less with Debian. Debian has reproducible builds. Meaning packages in their repositories are the same ones generated from source code almost fully ensuring nothing was added before packaging. Ubuntu and most other OSs don’t have this and you have to trust Canonical that certain version of software is no different from publicly available source code.

Debian also has a history of amazing respect for security and privacy. Example; When Chromium was downloading Google’s proprietary voice recognition library without users knowing. Regardless how much time it took Google to rectify the issue, Debian developers patched the package immediately so was available for download the moment mirrors picked it up.