[Solved] Questions on VM

I just finished watching your lecture about VM hardening (lecture 104 - volume 1). And after watching it, I created my first VM with a guest OS mac OS X El Capitan.

  1. In your lecture you mentioned a couple of things. Like not creating a virtual hard disk, but when choose “do not add a virtual hard disk” I got a warning. Saying you will not be able to install the OS on your VM you are creating.

  2. And when I created the VM with mac OS as the OS, you said to disable I/O APIC and EFI and also to disable USB, but when I do that a warning icon appears. And when I hoover over the icon it says after clicking the oke button, it will automatically enable it.

  3. Also in the lecture when you change the settings under system - motherboard. Floppy, optical and network are all disabled in the boot order. In my settings all of them except network are enabled.

  4. At the end of the lecture you talked about turning off the VM. I was confused what option to choose when turning it off. With of the following option should I choose? Save the machine state, send the shutdown signal or power off the machine.

One last thing when I created a virtual hard disk I had to choose between three options: vdi vhd or vmdk. I choose vdi. Is this a good option to choose?

Sorry for the long question. I really appreciate you taking the time in answering my questions.

Cool. First point, these are the steps for maximum hardening when you want a super isolated guest OS. You may not want this all the time. Most of my VMs have relaxed settings. My VM for browsing the web though has the hardening settings.

  1. Are you referring to when I am talking about live operating systems? In this situation you don’t want a hard drive. Otherwise you do.

  2. What is your host OS? You want vmware fusion to run a Mac OS guest effectively really. Mac uses EFI but I dont run Mac in virtualbox as it doesn’t run well like all the other OSs do.

  3. Thats fine. Disable all but what you are using. So the hard drive is all you want to boot from.

  4. If you have encrypted the guest drive because you have sensitive information on it then power it off always. If not sleep is fine.

  5. VDI is the native format of VirtualBox us this is your just going to use virtualbox. VMDK is you want increased compatibility with VMware.