[Solved] SSH on c9.io

How much more insecure is it to use ssh within c9.io (cloud 9 provides an online terminal) than to just use ssh at a regular command prompt? At home I use ssh from command prompt on a Macintosh, but at work I have a Windows 10 machine and so I just use the c9.io interface since it provides me with tools I’m accustomed to using on Mac on Linux.

There isn’t enough context to answer. What are you using SSH to do?

Just editing web pages, nothing that requires privacy or anonymity.
However, I’m curious as to how much more exposed to various exploits I become when I log onto a website and use their online terminal to ssh to the web server (while at work) as compared to using Macintosh Terminal to ssh to the web server (while at home). The connection to c9.io is https, of course, and I’m TRUSTING them a lot, but other than the people at c9.io, who else might have more opportunity to hack the web server while I’m using the online terminal at c9.io as compared to the Terminal program on a Macintosh… or would there really be any difference at all? In other words, am I taking an unnecessary risk while using the c9.io terminal to ssh to the web server? It’s very convenient, but is it a foolish risk?

I think you are highlighting the answers yourself. There is an increased risk because you are increasing the possible attack surface. A compromise of their service whether deliberate or accidental increases your risk. Where as if you did not have an extra hop, you would have less attack surface. If you trust c9 to have good security then you should use it. Do they conform to any security standards to prove this? Like ISO 27001 etc. When you use a third party you want to do some due diligence where possible if you care about the security. You could use compensating controls such as two factor authentication too.