[Solved] Tails Download

Is there a way to download tails without being tagged by government agencies?

Yes. Using an anonymizing service such as Tor, JonDoNYM or at a push a VPN. But obviously using Tor gives away your using Tor too. So you want to tunnel tor through another protocol (SSH/VPN/Stunnel/SSL) if you care about an observer seeing your using Tor. Which is covered on the course.

If I may add that a commercial VPN, like Private Internet Access, plus TOR will help you do this. FREE VPNs are terrible. Yes there are some OK ones but do you really expect real privacy for free? I use TOR plus PIA and it seems to work just fine. My VPN hides my activity to the TOR end node. It also help stop a Man-In-The-Middle attack.

You should start your VPN and then you connect with your TOR browser. You really don’t need TAILS to access internet privately. You can use Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora or SuSE Linux with a VPN and TOR just fine. The fame of TAILS is of course SNOWDEN. Linux is Linux. TAILS is Debian Linux. There are good ones and really bad ones, but the top 4 I have named here will get you on the internet and the Deep Web just fine. Just be careful where you go. You might not like what you find.

Thank you Ken. ok, so there are many nuances to what Ken is saying but generally he is correct. Essentially Kens points are explored on this course and the nuances are pointed out. See the tails videos for its strengths and weakness. Tails adds mitigations to local forensics while using Tor. A standard Linux does not provide this. But you may not need it.

Thanks for your suggestions. I do have PIA so I may try it out. I assume that you selected a remote VPN site outside of countries with massive cyber infrastructure. I am curious about the Dark Web but I do not want to be flagged using TOR. I will have to weigh the pros and cons.

I’ll add my 2 cents here. TOR is one branch of the Dark / Deep Web, i.e. The Onion Route. That is what TOR means. There are other branches to the tree. I2P is sparse but useful. As with all things computers, what is the reason to go there? There is a lot of good information. And also a lot of bad. Neat tools. Lots of traps. What I mean is like The Hidden Wiki, it was hacked, there are lots of impostors out there. The trouble with Deep / Dark Web is there is no DNS. You must depend on links to get around. Like Web Crawler in the 90’s. Thus one wrong link and you are in the spider’s web. Remember there are 2 parts, Deep Web and Dark Web. A word of advice is to use a Live Linux USB OS with your regular hard drive disconnected when you go. Those guys are good. Trust nothing. Run light and fast. In and out. Keep rotating your IP too. Best to disconnect and reconnect to TOR so as to rotate your IP. It’s always good to modulate your shields.

Good information. My curiosity does not not weigh the potential bad things that can happen with the Deep/Dark Web. Thanks.

A good place to start is a surface web site… deepdotweb.com good general info lots of market places although many require something up front to get it. There was an article in SC Mag, check this out…