[Solved] Torrent access and download

What will be the fool proof and safest way to access and download torrent and files using torrent when it is blocked at nation/state ,ISP,gateway level?

If the blocking is minor then a VPN is fine. If DPI is being used (and VPNs are an issue) then use a VPN with an SSL wrapper like stunnel. You can use someone like airvpn or setup your own VPN server. Make sure you have leak protection client side. The torrent clients can leak too. Put the client in a VM guest. Establish the VPN on the host OS or (more complex) via a guest VM via and internal network. You can use pfsense for the VPN client guest.

All covered on the course.

If you care about local forensics. Put the guest VM on a hidden encrypted operating system. Using something like veracrypt.

Thanks for the detailed explanation am referring your course however yet lot of part is pending to be attended from my end.

1–also use socks5 proxy in bittorrent and also check all privacy and leak options and also use enable protocol encryption in torrent software

2–use VPNKill switch if ur vpn service provider provide it

3–use PeerBlock software too

all 1+2+3 for backup and as a Primary solution

4–dont use tor for torrenting on windows bz this way it will leak ur IP adress

5–last and best = use seedbox in cloud and then download files problem solved <> use buy VM on cloud and use it as VPN but it must be located in another country

Thanks. Proxies are not good if your concerned about traffic monitoring or destination monitoring - The traffic is not encrypted and the destination not hidden. Seedboxes are an option but be aware of the money trail to anything that you buy. The connect to the seed box needs to be encrypted and the connection isn’t anonymous. Yes on don’t use Tor.