[Solved] Using the same ip in different locations

I am looking for someone to assist me with a special VPN set up. Currently I live in X but I am moving to Y next week. I want to set up a service in which my ip address will stay the same to programs I use after I move. I can’t use programs like strongvpn, hidemyass or something like that as the IP address shows up as a proxy/vpn instead of a real cable service provider. I need the vpn to show a real internet service provider. My provider right now is Comcast cable. When I move to Y I want it to show that my provider is still Comcast and that I am still located in X. I have done this in the past with the use of 2 routers. One in the location that provides the IP address and one in the location I physically am.

Can you use a router that is installed in X?

The only way to really do this is to have a router/machine on that network and route traffic through it. Nothing can spoof the IP of a specific network range if you want to use TCP and receive traffic back.