(Solved)Validators doesn't exist?

Hello. I’m doing Mashrur Hossain’s “Cyber Security: Python and Web Applications” course. I need to use the validators module but when I try to import this module, python gives me an error. Is there something I need to download or something I’m doing wrong? I’m using pycharm to code this but I don’t think that makes a difference.

I don’t know the course.
But did you do this?

pip install validators

I’m pretty sure I tried that but just in case, I tried again. The message says that it installed but I still got an error running my program.

edit: would it help this if I put the programs code in one of these messages?

Yes it would certainly help if we could take a look at the code.
And what version of python are you using?

Version 3.9.1+

I have no idea if the + is just a random thing or if it has to do with the version.
edit: the imports are argparse and validators

I just got the module to work. I needed to use pip3 to install it. Thank you for the help Edwin!