Some doubts regarding the course

I live in India, in a semi-urban area but still connected with mobile internet because broadband services are expensive here and most of the people can’t afford it. I know the basics of computing and I know C programming and HTML. I just finished my high school and I am very much interested in cyber security and computers since I was 14 and want to make a career in this field.

I have two doubts:

A) I am unable to buy the course, neither on Udemy nor on your website, Station X because I don’t have an international card. I have a " Rupay Debit Card " which works exclusively in the Indian subcontinent only. How can I buy this course?

B) Like I said, I have just mobile internet connection, an android tablet and a computer. Will I be needing a broadband connection or a very fast computer to practice the contents of this course?

Mr. House, if you will clear my doubts, I shall be obliged to you. Thank you.

He can enroll in the course using his debit card

He needs to select the PayPal option on the checkout page

PayPal allows you to pay via credit/debit card

And will I be needing a WiFi router or very fast computer for this??

You don’t need anything just to watch it.