Some outdated information in Social engineering course

Hello @Zaid_Sabih

I’m following your Social Engineering course. I’m pretty still early in it but I’ve found some things that have changed since you made it and I’d like your advice on them.

The one is about Maltego. The transform from Person to Website, among others, now uses Bing (instead of the generic “Search Engine”) and it’s available only in the paid version. Since this seems to be a pretty important transform (the whole Section 5 is depended on it), is there a workaround/alternative to that?

The other issue I’ve found is that it seems to no longer work. What’s the alternative you would suggest?

On that matter I’d like to recommend that you put any updated information for such cases in the lesson’s resources.


Hi Michalis,

You’ll get this problem only when you want to use a transformer that relies on the search engine, the reason for this is that Bing started charging people for using their search API, so the only solution is to purchase a license, but you can still use all other transformers that do not rely on search engine.

The search engine transformers just use Bing anyway to search for result, so you can just do that manually yourself, the only disadvantage is that you’ll get the result in the web browser instead of having them in a nice graph.

As for nodistribute, this happens sometimes, you can clear browsing data, and load a page while the file is being uploaded, if its not working for you then you can just use instead.

Thanks for the response @AJS!

I was hoping there might be another transform that uses a free search engine :smiley: But I guess manual search and connections will have to do.

And thank you for spyralscanner. I’ll give it a try.

You’re welcome Michalis :wink: Please don’t hesitate to contact if you need anything else.

Both of those sites are offline now. I used similar ones but my problem is my file gets flagged by almost all of the antivirus programs. I tried several variations but no luck.