Special Thanks

Hello sir Mohamad Atef for Assisting me/Us

You are most welcome.

“Stegnography” Hello sir is there a way that the hacker can execute a exe file inside the jpg?
it seem i create a batch file hidden in jpg when i open that jpg my bat file didn’t execute
thank you Mohamad Atef

anyway its not a problem in python… how can I merge 2 apk a game.apk and a backdoor.apk

No, you will not find a tool that do that but the common technique is to combine a malicious file in PDF or a web page

P.S I’ve gently understand how buffer overflow works now I know how eternal_blue work in detail thanks @mohamedatef98 need more study in buffer overflow but I already got the Idea…

Great, i will provide you with more example.

hello sir @mohamedatef98 do you have any idea how to bypass AV

There is different way to do that, the most common way is encrypt the virus so is can not be read from the AV and its signature can’t be identified, i will create couple of video explaining different tools who is doing that and upload them to the course.

wow i cant wait for this… i also want to know about android hacking… trojan on android