SSD vs HDD in terms of forensics

Dear Nathan,

There are many views on how to keep private information on hard drives, however there is still no clear information on my mind since there are plenty myths on that

  1. HDD. It is balanced solution in my opinion for keeping private information, since even if it is decrypted somehow by enemies, you always have a chance to erase information with Peter Gutmann’s passes (35) or DOD (7). The information in not recoverable.

  2. On the other hand SSD is much way faster, but writing of data comes along the whole surface of the SSD meaning that it is possible to recover it even after Gutmanns method. Please correct me if i am wrong.

Is there any way to erase data on SSD without opportunity to recover? For example i heard what secure-delete might do it in Kali Linux, please correct me.

You citing the Gutmann myth here which is a misinterpretation. Watch volume 4 of the course there is a whole section covering this topic.