Stationx or Udemy

I have a question, I chose to buy the courses on stationx, but there are many that are also on udemy, such as Nathan, Zaid and Myke Meyers. Are stationx courses up-to-date like Udemy’s? Is there a difference between taking them on udemy or stationx?

I prefer StationX. This is mainly due to the selection of courses. StationX perfectly shows me the way through the jungle of IT certificates. And I haven’t had any problems with anything not being updated. And because I’m VIP, everything is also a lot cheaper.


Hi… Suppose we take VIP membership and in any course we stuck in between any issue, then did the mentor resolves our issue in a day or 2 or how it works?? can you please tell.

@Apurv-StationX can answer this question better than me.

I’m just a student and if I can’t figure it out I’ll just google it. And if I still can’t figure it out, I’ll ask here.

ok… Thanks Buddy.

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Hi @ajinkyatakawale, if you are stuck in a course with some issue you can ask your question here in the forum. TAs will answer the question withing 24-48 hours

Ok… That’s really helpful.