Strong, complex Passwords that can be remembered

Hi, Nathan,

in the course you talk about how to come up with strong, complex Passwords, that can be remembered (like for password manager master passwords, or disk encryption passwords). And you show the online tools ‘password search space calculator by Steve Gibson’ and ‘zxcvbn on github - Password Checker’, that we can use to come up with passwords.

Are these tools really meant, for actually entering the real master passwords we want to use, or just for playing around to get a feel of complexity? Does a phrase, that was entered in such an online tool, not have to be considered compromised?



There is a high chance that these tools may be storing the text that the users enter. Even if they say they don’t, we should not trust it. This is the same thing when a VPN provider says that they don’t store logs, you should not trust it blindly. These tools are just to check what type of combination you can create so that your password will be secure

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Thank you!