Super Bad Error In mac_changer Code

Please help!
Look at the error

Now the code

I have spent too much time racking my brain, please help.

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pretty sure its because you put ‘python’. it just means the program is in python 2 which doesnt work with certain commands as its older i believe. a simple fix would be to either put it into python 3, which would just be putting ‘python3’, or changing ‘input()’ into ‘raw_input()’ which is the python2 version of ‘input()’.

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You are putting the new mac as eth0, which is an interface and not a mac address. Instead of eth0 you have to put a mac address. Similar to what you got under interface. To see what is the format of mac address, you can just google - mac address.

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Thank you for replying.

I could not get it to work.

I did do that backwards, didn’t I!

I think I was so tired from getting everything set up.

Thank you for all your help.

The mac_changer is not working good.

Just in case anyone else wants to know what I did.

I ended up re-imaged my whole PC and installed everything from scratch.

The 2022 version of ouch arm would not work even after all updates and upgrades added.

I decided to use the pycharm 2019 version, and things seem to be working well so far.

With the pycharm app, I have been using Python and python3 in the terminal, and it works both ways.

Again, thank you all who replied. I was so tired and burned out I had to just go to bed and start the next day.