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How to create a bootable Kali USB flash drive and the previous videos.

Would you be kind enough to share a documnet, listing all of Software and the related tools. You did mention it took weeks to have the installation up and running.

You have also stated that one must have a good PC. What might be the lowest hardware or a moderate hardware. I have seen my PC/Laptop encouter slowness. Right now I do not have the funds for a powerful PC.

On the other hand, is there a way where we could use AWS. I am aware that I have to send an e-mail to AWS stating the type of "test exercise " I would be doing.

Your kind advise would be highy appreciated.

What kind of tools document do you need? Do you want a list of tools in Kali Linux? If yes then you can get all the tools installed in Kali Linux from their website: Kali Linux Tools Listing | Penetration Testing Tools. If you are talking about tools required to install Kali and create bootable drive then it is shown in the video itself. The tools you require are Rufus and Kali Linux iso file.

For a reasonable PC that can run all this, you can go with i3 or above and 6 GB+ RAM. If you have these specs, you can easily give 2 GB or more to your Kali VM. For specifics, you can go to Kali’s website and see their minimum requirements.

I don’t understand your AWS question. You can use AWS from their console or by SSH. What email are you talking about?

Thank you for that Apurv.

As you may know I am a Student who is trying to understand everything you are explaining in your traning videos.I am making an effort to undersatnd the tools and how to configure them, one at a time.

I have visited Kali Linux Tools Listing | Penetration Testing Tools, and Kali Linux Tools Listing | Penetration Testing Tools. They both have a very large listing. Having said that, I am trying to understand, as a “Student”, a Student of yours, what exactly are those tools?

Appreciate if you would , kindly list them in chronological order. In other words, I was kindly reqesting if you would have a PDF document where all your students can benifit too?

As regards to AWS, my query was, there are AMI’s in AWS. If a “Student” is to use an AWS AMI, which is bundld with “Kali” what would be your advise, plase?

As regards to the e-mail in question, I shall consult the AWS instructor.

Thank you.

The tools listed on those websites have a hyperlink and that takes to another page for each tool where it is explained in detail with examples. The purpose of not creating the same thing that is listed on that website in a pdf form is that students go to these sites and/or try to google stuffs. The security industry or general IT industry requires lots of research and through these forums we provide these specific URLs so that students don’t need to do more research on their own and can directly go there and read everything related to things taught in the videos.

For the AWS thing, I am not sure. I am not well versed with AWS

Thank you Apury.

The download page I am getting is ; Downloads | Kali Linux

Kindly see the attached and advise if I am in the correct track please. What woories me is the name of the ISO file is “kali-linux-2021.1-installer-amd64.iso” A

My aplogies here. I am using a MS-Windows 7 64 bit, and is the “kali-linux-2021.1-installer-amd64.iso” the correct version. In my next post I will share the screen shots for Oracle VM Virtual box.

Now with a bit of confusions here and there, finally I managed to get the Kali Linux intallation. As you rightfully said, I can only use the key board.

However the final result was after reaching 90% or more it gave an error message and failed. That was last night. Today I have deleted the Image, and making an attempt to give it a go. But I though of clarifying thes first.

Further to the above, here are the Oracle Virtual Box images for clarifications and kind advise.

Am I in the correct path please?


I have made an attempt once again. For your kind attention, I am attaching the images.Uploading: IMG_20210506_100714.jpg…

"the the moment you have the core of the system installed. The default seletions below will install Kali Linux with it’s standard desktop envoirement and default tools. "…

I selected
Then it said “installation step failed” IMG_20210506_103057

It came back to Debian installer main menu. >> Select and install Software.

Having selected “Select and install software” I reached “Install the GRBU boot loader”

Gave me an error message;


Then it came to “Continue without boot loader”


“Finish the installation”

Finally I got a black, blank screen. I did not see/get the log on. This is where I am.

Kindly advise.


I think either you have less memory given to your VM or your downloaded iso is corrupted. I would suggest directly install the virtual box version of Kali from their website - Kali Linux Custom Image Downloads - Offensive Security

Good day to you Apurv,

Apprecite that. Yes, I could allocate 1920mb, though I allocated 2GB, and 2CPU. (The VM did not allow me to allocate 2GB, since I have 4GB of total RAM.

Upon your kind advise I have downloaded and extracted.

Appreciate if you could advise me of the steps.

Hello Apurv,

After downloading a new ISO image again, I made the following observation, which is being displayes (for both the ISO images) soon after I choose “Install”

Appreciate your kind advise.

You don’t have to download iso image. If you go down that link, you will get a drop down for 'Kali Linux Virtual Box images. From there download the virtual box ova file. Once downloaded you can directly just double click and open it. No installation required.

Good day to you Apurv,

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Sunday while staying safe.

Thank you and highly, highly appreciate your kind and continued help and patients. It is an experience to lean and memorise how to face these technical issues, rather than a smooth sail.

Finally it was successful. Kindly see the attcahed. Having said that, if you please look at image “KALI_Screen_002” and advise me if I am at the precise promt, “$”? So that I could commence my hands on from lesson 2.

Thank you again.



Yes you got everything correct

Now that is success! Through every fall we rise.

Once again thank you for your great help.