Termial freezes, erases all progress

After I have put my WiFi adaptor in monitor mode and proceed through the course, within 2 steps it freezes and makes me do everything all over again. I have macOS Catalina version 10.15.6 please help me fix the freezing and help me save my progress as I go along. Thank you for your help :pray:t2::pray:t2:

What is a terminator?

Do you mean terminal?

Are you using Kali in a virtual machine?

No I mean Terminator, it is a program I was instructed to use in kali linux in a virtual machine.

ok so you really need to be more clear. What virtual machine are you using?

What is freezing? The virtual machine? the terminal? Are you using a compatible wi-fi adapter?

Are you referring to the terminal tool terminator? If that is freezing then using another terminal.

Sorry Nathan, I’m gonna sum it up here best I can. I am using virtual box and Kali Linux, I bought the correct WiFi adaptor that was recommended in the course requirements, the Alfa Network Atheros AR9271. When I open up the terminal tool Terminator to put my adaptor into monitor model in order to packet sniff, I click my open tab in safari to follow along with the video on Station X, and when I click back to proceed with the steps terminator is frozen. I have to exit out of Kali Linux and restart all over again. Thank you for your help Nathan I’ve been running into this issue for weeks now. Please lmk if I am still not explaining things right or if you need more Information.

Hey @kidthehacker, There may be multiple issues here. First of all, try to increase your RAM of the virtual machine. Second, try using the default terminal of Kali Linux instead of using terminator and see if the problem persists or not.

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