Hello everyone. I wanted to give a bit of introduction of myself and put in a good word for the courses here on StationX. My name is Chuck and I am a bit older than most who are trying to break into the cyber security and ethical hacking world. I am a United States Marine Corps veteran and recently disabled and unemployed due to medical reasons. The doc said I am no longer able to work in my original profession as a driver. I’ve always considered myself a techie and able to fix most issues with multiple devices. I have ZERO experience in IT. I took a course in Networking a few months ago and stumbled across Ethical Hacking. I started to tinker with an old laptop and discovered that if Linux will run great on all of my older machines. Then I discovered Kali. Everyone told me not to even bother with it because it is for experts. You can’t tell a Marine that I can’t do something. I learned Linux with Kali as my main OS, and I’ll never go back to Windows again!

I don’t know where these courses will lead me, but it’s gonna be a wild ride. For those having trouble with these courses, take a step back and catch your breath. Especially when installing some of the tools required (at least the ones for Zaid’s classes). Follow the instructions in the videos exactly how he says, and you will not have a problem. If an older Marine can do this, you young bloods should be able to run circles around me.
Thanks for this site and the tremendous courses, Nathan.

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Hey, man!

Thanks for writing that. Ex-Marine here, too (1st Bn. 2 Mar).

Whilst some would consider my current job a “dream job”, it’s still a job and someone else is making a lot of money with my skills. I couldn’t work for a few months due to a broken leg (my passion is Downhill and Freeride mountain biking…) and got hooked on YouTube scam-baiters. I was intrigued by the tech side of it so I began devouring any bit of information about Pen Testing, which led me here.

I don’t have a computer background, but I do think logically and I never back down from a challenge (Semper Gumby, eh?). Like you, I have no idea where this will lead, but I’ve already learned enough to make my personal life much more secure.

Good luck to you and everyone else trucking down this path.



Good to meet you, brother. HQ Bn 2MarDiv here.