The Complete Cyber Security Course! Volume 1: Hackers Exposed Question

Just about 53% through and seeing more and more it is quite a few years out of date. Is it going to be change?


Hi Darren, yes the course is a bit outdated but the concepts remain the same. Tools might be old but there are alternatives to many tools. As far as whether the course will be updated or not, I have to check with @NathanHouse about that.


Good news
Passed part one. Now forward and upward :wink:


How can we find the alternative tools to them please ?

Hello .How did you find your way through the course with the outdated tools,I am just starting the course and would be grateful if you could tell me which, other modern tools you used instead.

There are several tools in the course. For any tool that doesn’t work, please create a new thread asking about the same.

most courses i brought from udemy on stationx is absolutely new to me
but all are beyound my expectation

I have completed all the 4 volumes of [The Complete Cyber Security Course by Nathan (volume 1 from Udemy and rest of the three volumes here at stationx). I found that the course material is a few years out of date, especially when it comes of Microsoft Security analysis and tools for the same. Is there going to be an update(s) on these anytime soon?

Hi @SuNiL72, the course may be updated in future. But there are other new courses covering specific topics. You can view that in the course library.

Hi @Apurv-StationX , I would very much appreciate it if you could point out the equivalent course I can take, which covers Endpoint Protection, Vulnerability Analysis Tools for Windows 10.


Following StationX courses are good for what you are looking for. They have endpoint security topics and vulnerability analysis tools.

  • CompTIA CySA+ Complete Course
  • CompTIA Security+ Certification (SY0-601): The Total Course
  • TOTAL: CompTIA CySA+ Cybersecurity Analyst (CS0-002)

You don’t have to go through the entire course, just go through the topics you are looking for


@Apurv-StationX Thanks. I will have a look at those courses and revert.

Hello everyone, I am just starting this course now as I am starting a degree in cyber security 6 months from now! I have no knowledge in this sector but I am computer literate.would anyone say this is a good start?

Yes this is a good starting course for intro to cybersecurity