The Complete Cyber Security Volume 1

In The Complete Cyber Security Volume 1 --> Section 4 --> Encryption Crash Course --> Time 2:38 secs.

When Sender encrypts the with receiver public key, there wont be authentication. Receiver cannot know who sent it. But in above video at 2:38 secs it has been mention as – The Identity of the communicating parties can be authenticated using public Key cryptography certificates.

My questions is how can communication of parties authenticated when using public key.

It can be signed.

Digital Signature

  • A hash value that has been encrypted with the sender’s private key.
  • The act of signing means encrypting the message’s hash value with a private key.
  • Requires public/private keys. And PKI in a practical sense.
  • Encrypted , which provides confidentiality.
  • Hashed , which provides integrity.
  • Digitally signed , which provides authentication, nonrepudiation, and integrity.
  • Encrypted and digitally signed , which provides confidentiality, authentication, nonrepudiation, and integrity.