The download for VM kali and hacking tools

Good day, I have started ethical hacking and was told to download the latest version of VM. Somehow it’s named Disco? My windows 11 will not except that file, I tried to open with the zip as prompted by the video 7z. So I installed VB and frankly I don’t know which system is better? I have no idea what tools to upload? should I use VB and build it myself? that was the older way. Please can someone help give me some guidance do I stay inside VB or delete and use VM? where do I go for the latest version?
thank you

Hi @klp122, have you downloaded the latest version of Kali from their official website? If yes, you can easily open it in VirtualBox or VMWare. It comes down to a personal choice on which exact one to use. Once you install it in your VM then you can access the machine and carry on with the course. You can download the tools/libraries being shown in the videos on your VM.

Thank you for your assistance. I will keep VB and upload what I need for the class. Good day