The Training Video Screen

Good day to you Nathan,

I have attched few screen shots for your kind scrutiny. The issue I am facing is the letters in the traning videos’s are small. Hardly readable. When the instructor is typing commands, I have a hard time reading the command. Secondly, is there a way to turn off the left of the screen, which takes almost 1/3 of my laptop screen. Having said that, I cannot get more than 720P quaity. If I could have 1050p, then this issue could go away.

Since I am following The Complete Ethical Hacking Bootcamp, and other where I or all o`f the students has to download certain amount of software, as explained by the instructor. I have realize these sofwaare needs to be down loded, step by step and have them all installed and confifured to it’s precision. In other words, if these software and tools are not installed, confugured and tested, then I beleive we shal have issues in gaining the knowledge we are in hunger for.

As a suggestion, for all the Coureses, which need an Oracle or similar VM ware, it would be nice to pulish a general document, first. This is to faciliate the student to first have the Phase A successfully installed, up and running. VIZ; downloading take time, installtion take time, configuration takes time. I believe many studets face this. I had to pause the class now, in relation to complete all the insallations which are required forThe Complete Ethical Hacking Bootcamp.

Back to my screen shots, I have to go one Video at a time, visit the website in question down load and install. Then come back to the next and so on.Howevr, The Complete Ethical Hacking Bootcamp, let me down down load the video, yet at 720p. This is helpful because I can run the media from my locallaptop, while following I can down load the software and tools. However there are Courses where the Author’s do not let the media be down loaded.

Hence as suggested it will be nice to have a PDF where we can read and follow the instructions so that I, we shall have an up and running Machine to follow the course productively. This goes for my current course The Complete Ethical Hacking Bootcamp. The IPX addressing what you share was of quality, where I can print and file.

Looking into.

God day to you Nathan.

Thank you.Preformatted text

We are going to re encode them to a higher resolution. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for pointing it out. This should be done by next week.

Good day to you Nathan,

Highly appreciate that!

Thank you so much for your prompt action!!

Hi Denzil,

We have uploaded 1080p videos for this course. Hope it will solve the reading issue.

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Good Day to you Pranabnath,

Thank you for that!

I just checked. It is more clear now. Especially I can read those Linnux commands more clearly.

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