The ultimate white hat hacker 2018 bundle

I was so excited to start the course and I started with the Volume 2 which I just finished.
My question:
What is next?
Is there a recommended order designed for beginners?

Thank you
Best regards

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If you are referring to the complete cyber security course. Then you start at volume 1 and then 2,3,4.

Hello Nathan, I think I purchased a bundle made by someone else which only has Vol 2 plus other classes from StackSkills, such as penetration testing, website hacking, ethical hacking for beginners, ethical hacker suing Kali, from zero to hero in web, learn win 10 hacking using Kali, web application penetration test, advance social engineering and your volume 2…
Bummer, I really enjoyed your presentations
I think I am going to finish all those courses before anything else

ok. Good luck!

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I also obtained access to Volume 2 via StackSkills. I am looking for the most valuable training I can find for pursuing a career in Cyber Security. I think this is my next stop.

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