Thoughts on Parrot Sec OS

R recently I was in a situation where I had to try my hand at parrot security os and just wanted to get your thoughts on the distro or if you have even had the chance to test it? After some adjustment it began to grow on me a bit. The flow of the OS and some of the features I found interesting. Initially it was somewhat frustrating but I can see the logic behind the implementation of such features. I see potential in the distro but have heard little buzz about it in the community. Is there some inherent flaw with the OS that has kept it from catching on in the security community?

Yes I have had a look at it. I like what I see. Its based on Debian and has grsecurity. I mention it on Volume 4. I don’t know the people behind it so I simply just don’t know as much about it. Its more than a pen testing distro like Kali. Its pen testing plus has security (grsecurity), privacy and anonymity(Tor,I2P) features.

The ISO has a live feature and it works in virtual box so in 5 minutes people can try it out. So yeah its worth people having a play with.

Its something I want to look at more but there are a few secure OSs I am looking at.

Thanks for the timely reply. That is about the same view I have on it thus far. Seems to be solid distro and something id like to explore a bit more as well. I have only utilized it in a hypervisor but will eventually take a closer look when I get around to installing it to disk. If you don’t mind my asking what other secure distros are you looking into currently?

General use. Debain, Arch, OpenBSD

All with different focuses - these security based OSs

Qubes OS
Hardened Gentoo
Alpine linux
Subgraph OS

If Parrot OS is a lot more than Kali (with security, anonymity and privacy features), can it be used as a main os/distro then? My friends at work are talking about it but I haven’t really looked at it. I was just thinking that if I can use something for learning / casual browsing at the same time without having to open a VM or Live Boot each time just to try an example out, then I might save some time.

I’m wondering if Parrot is somewhere in between a general use distro and a pentesting distro.

Kali runs as root which you don’t want to do on your main OS. Personally I wouldn’t trust Parrot as my main OS but it depend what you do on it. Mine is used for work and I dont want anything going wrong. Casual browsing sure. I haven’t used Parrot in anger yet either though.